The Amadeus Academy is born from a group of people, projects, ideas and skills aimed at founding a situation favorable to the spread of musical education on the Italian territory. It is characterized by an incessant evolution thanks to the continuous specialization in different cognitive fields of its components, starting from its first founder, Prof. Valentina Fornari.

An Academy that proposes opportunities that continually test students, as well as the teachers themselves, for a process of maturation, not only in the musical field, but also in the personal field. It does not consist therefore in a vertical teaching method, which from the Professor ends up to the student, but in a more stimulating path of horizontal collaboration that involves students and teachers alike. The ultimate aim of the Academy, in addition to educating students about music with its universal language, is to increase the passion for study by trying to develop individual talent and technical-expressive abilities, so that music can become important also for an artistic and professional career.